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30 lbs of Pasture Raised Berkshire Ground Pork. 

30 lbs Ground Pork

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$190.00 Regular Price
$171.00Sale Price
  • Pasture Raised Ground Pork Share includes: 30 lbs of Pasture Raised Berkshire Ground Pork. Our ground pork comes from happy, healthy Berkshire pigs that are fed a premium diet of Utah grown grains and pasture. Additionally, we dedicate the entire pig to ground pork to make our Ground Pork CSA Shares, meaning that all the juicy chops and roasts are ground. The results are ground pork that is very tender and flavorful (80% lean). The pork comes vacuum packed in 1 lb packages.

    All meat is vacuum packaged in clear packaging and frozen at the butcher. Each type of cut is labeled on the packaging. Each share will take up about one cubic foot of freezer space. This makes it easy for those who don’t have a lot of freezer space.

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